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Becoming a Blackbaud partner gives you the opportunity to broaden your offerings and grow your business. You’ll tap into a base of tens of thousands of non-profit clients who are already using Blackbaud’s market-leading products.



As a Blackbaud Channel Partner, you have the opportunity to introduce Blackbaud products to non-profits and earn a percentage of revenue generated for business that closes. You’re already working with non-profits, so why not earn additional revenue while helping them find the right technology solutions to meet their needs?

If you’re interested in re-selling Blackbaud products, consider joining us as a Blackbaud Channel Partner.


Become a Partner

Implement and Consult

As a Blackbaud Solution Provider (BSP), you’ll be authorised by Blackbaud through training and testing to provide Blackbaud product implementation services, including data migration, product configuration, and product customisation. In addition, you may help non-profits select and implement applications that complement Blackbaud solutions.

Become a Partner


Interested in integrating your product or solution with Blackbaud products? As a Blackbaud ISV Partner, you can provide the sector with applications and solutions that complement Blackbaud products and extend their functionality in new ways. Through our partnership, we’ll test your technology to validate and promote its compatibility with our products.

Become a Partner
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