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UK Industry Research

Blackbaud is committed to providing research and insights to help not-for-profits improve their fundraising, operations and ultimately achieve their missions. Below is a collection of our UK-based research and whitepapers.





  UK Industry Research

Successful Events Fundraising Report 2015

Successful Events Fundraising Report 2015

The Successful Events Fundraising Report 2015 has been conducted by Blackbaud and everydayhero UK to help not-for-profits understand peer-to-peer event fundraising by helping them gain more insight into people's motivations for getting involved in fundraising events, understanding what types of events people preferred and how well-supported fundraisers felt they were by their chosen charities.


State of the Not-for-Profit Industry Report 2014

The State of The Not-for-Profit Industry (SONI) Survey has been conducted annually since 2004 to help not-for-profits benchmark their own forecasts, gauge the levels of sector optisim and report on some of the key management strategies not-for-profit leaders are using.


Data Driven Fundraising Report 2014

Data and how not-for-profits use it was one of the most talked about issues in the third sector in 2013. The rise of online fundraising and social networking has dramatically changed the data landscape for a majority of not-for-profits. They can now see exactly when people donate, how they do it and how much. Not-for-profits know whether people want to receive information about their cause, the format they want it in and what they are likely to do with it once this information arrives. Not-for-profits know who their biggest online supporters are and how those supporters use their influence within their own online networks.


Next Generation of Giving In The UK

Please use the read now link below to download the full study on the multichannel preferences and charitable habits of how four generations of UK donors give and the implications for not-for-profits trying to reach these distinct age segments.

Psychology of Online Giving Report

Online fundraising continues to grow year-on-year, both in terms of the number of people donating online and the amount they are donating.
The Psychology of Online Giving report is a brand new report from Blackbaud that surveyed more than 2,000 UK consumers. The report uncovers what motivates people to donate online, whether they take note of the cause when they sponsor friends and what follow-up they expect after the donation.
Download the report today to discover the top 5 reasons why people donate online, donor’s expectations, how this fits with industry trends and hints and tips on how your organisation can boost online giving today!



Past Reports

SONI UK Reports

Download the 2014 UK report - New

Download the 2013 UK report

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SONI Europe reports

Download the 2009 European report

Download the 2008 International report

The Next Generation of Giving in the UK 2013

Download the 2013 Next Generation of Giving in the UK report


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