What plans do you have to modify the supporter journey for Strong Customer Authentication (with timelines for delivery) on JustGiving?

The sequence of the user journey steps will remain largely unaffected – Justgiving already performs 3DS extensively on 80%+ of site traffic. We habve upgraded to a new 3DS solution based on the Braintree SDK which is 2.0 compatible. It ‘elegantly’ manages 1.0 and 2.0 3DS flows as and when they are supported by the relevant issuing bank.

We are actively monitoring impact on key KPIs (chiefly payment acceptance and conversion rates) over the summer. This will mean that by the time the Sept 14th deadline is reached, we will have achieved compliance per se as well as have a more accurate idea of impact on commercial KPIs.

One unknown to highlight is how/if JustGiving continues supporting cross-currency (ie- the ability for donors on the JG site to donate to a UK charity in a currency other than GB Sterling). There are technical challenges to addressing cross-currency and meeting SCA requirements, we will update on this at a later date.

What impact do you expect this change to have on donation volume and value?

It’s important to note that like any other merchant, we’re largely in the hands of the acquirers and issuing banks and the way they’ve opted to implement 3DS around the SCA requirements for card not present processing.

We have some mitigation measures:

  • Early roll-out of the 3DS 2.0 capable solution and monitoring of metrics in interim (see above)

  • Available options to reduce impact (exception management, amount thresholds)

  • Extensive support for payment methods not in scope as already compliant (PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, most recurring giving)

The mandate to apply 3DS verification is likely to positively affect the following metrics:

  • Fraud

  • Chargeback and refund rates

What changes will charities on the JustGiving platform need to make in order to be compliant?

JustGiving is a managed platform so no additional work is required from customer charities.

What difference will these changes make to charity reporting?

No changes to report formats or content will be required