Importing Made Easy with ImportOmatic

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Importing Made Easy with ImportOmatic

Seamlessly import data from any other system directly into The Raiser’s Edge, eliminating the need for manual data entry, struggling through the standard import process, or spending unnecessary resources on data clean up.

Reduce your data entry and processing time and expense.

ImportOmatic allows you to import from just about any source by creating Profiles that map the fields in your data file (eg. Excel/CSV) to the correct field in Raiser’s Edge.

With ImportOmatic you can:

  • Import data from mail houses, third party software, prospect lists, websites, and HR, patient, or alumni databases efficiently and accurately

  • Create unlimited custom templates to import from nearly any file layout

  • Import event participants and honor/memorial tribute gifts

  • Optionally import gifts directly into gift batches

Improve the accuracy and integrity of your data by eliminating manual data entry.

Multiple record types, including constituents, gifts, relationships, events, tributes, and prospects, can be imported simultaneously – rather than one-by-one as with standard import functionality.

ImportOmatic will help you to:

  • Process supporter, address, gift, relationship, volunteer, tribute, and event records simultaneously

  • Apply default fields and attributes to records during processing, such as gift type, constituency codes and addressee salutations, when that field is missing from the import file

  • Add or update addresses with the click of a button

  • Merge/change duplicate records on the fly

Eliminate the need to clean up data after import.

Multiple duplicate criteria sets can be created and used simultaneously to resolve possible duplicates ‘on-the-fly’. During import, pop-ups notify you of potential duplicates, allowing you to merge the duplicates, create a new constituent, or skip.

ImportOmatic also has numerous standardisation tools:

  • The ‘Data Dictionary’, which automatically standardises the data coming in according to your needs; for example, to always import ‘st’ as ‘Street’

  • Automatic capitalization checks to ensure proper casing; ‘ROBERT MCDONALD’ will be imported as ‘Robert McDonald’

  • Ability to remove or add leading zero in data fields; e.g., when leading zero is dropped from constituency IDs in data file

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