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Power Social Good Programmes. Drive employee engagement and create a culture of giving back.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is not just another box to check for UK companies. “Social responsibility has become a fundamental source of pride, belonging and engagement for UK employees.” – UK Power of Purpose Study

Your company can help make an impact and drive social change. Connect your company and your employees to your communities with a social responsibility programme.

How do UK consumers and employees feel about CSR?


of employees who have the opportunity to take parts in CSR initiative consider themselves proud of their company – *UK Power of Purpose Study

4.5 times

Consumers are 4.5 times more likely to champion a company and recommend to friends and family when they think the brand has strong purpose. *2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study


of UK consumers say that brands’ support of environmental and social causes is important to their purchasing decisions. UK consumers rank CSR importance higher than US or Australian consumers. *UK CX 2019 Trends Study

Maximise employee engagement with volunteering.

Blackbaud’s YourCause CSRconnect makes it easy for employees to engage in areas they are passionate about with organisations around the world.

  • Track and record your collective impact! Manage one-off volunteer events, global volunteer campaigns or custom skills-based volunteer projects all with one platform.

  • Integrated search features all employees to look among thousands of pre-populated volunteer opportunities and events using keywords and location information.

  • Blackbaud has the largest global database of vetted and eligible nonprofits. The YourCause platform integrates with UK-based Charities Trust.

Enjoy flexible and configurable functionality

We offer an out-of-the box solution with a flexible pricing model to fit the needs of your business based on the number of employees and features you select.

  • Design the platform to engage your modern workforce. Collect employee feedback on CSR schemes and empower them to be a part of projects.

  • Connect employees to each other and host virtual employee resource groups, location-based groups or cause/interest based groups.

  • Get started with employee giving programs. From disaster relief to year-round matching and payroll giving, our platform provides a flexible and intuitive way to manage giving programmes.

Provide a local experience to all your employees, globally.

Blackbaud’s YourCause CSRconnect offers companies access to millions of vetted global non-profits, providing the most potential to find and support employees’ passions, worldwide, and in their native languages.

  • Customise the employee experience by segmenting your programs via location, language, time zones, and measurements. Empower your regional ambassadors with permission-based reporting to show local success.

  • Partner with high-touch support to train regional ambassadors, launch strategies, and learn from the Global Good Network, which is comprised of 500+ CSR professionals.

  • Valid and verified non-profit database provided through multiple vetting options coupled with our proprietary international knowledge base and compliance with global laws such as GDPR.

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