Grassroots Unwired

Grassroots Unwired operates on the principle that groundbreaking technology can expand a constituent base, amplify fundraising results, and capture information that can be useful across an entire campaign or organization. But most importantly, Grassroots Unwired inspires our clients to be mobile. Reach people where they are… instead of hoping they find you.

A few years ago, Grassroots Unwired’s CEO, Russ Oster, set out to create a prototype that could transform old-fashioned canvassing into modernized field work. He knew that the right technology could save time for campaigns and advocacy organizations whose staff was manually entering data. It would also empower canvassers with instant, thorough, and accurate information – enhancing their face-to-face experience and enabling them to raise more money for campaigns while galvanizing more people to sign up and take action.

Grassroots Unwired bridges historical grassroots advocacy with groundbreaking technology. Online tools are ubiquitous, but what do you do when your target audience is face-to-face? We have created a mobile first solution that extends use of Luminate and TeamRaiser to your grassroots advocacy efforts.

With or without a data connection, our mobile app allows you to process recurring donations, check-in and register event participants, collect petition signatures, and add the records directly to Luminate. We have eliminated the shuffle of papers on event day and the tedious end of day data entry. Our mobile solution provides a one-stop shop for all your canvassing, run/walk, rally, and public event needs. 

Partner Type:
  • ISV
  • North America,
  • Pacific
  • Blackbaud Luminate CRM,
  • Blackbaud Luminate Online
Partner Solutions:
  • Fundraising,
  • Mobile Technology,
  • Point of Sale,
  • Social Media

Contact Information

Diana McMillan, Director of Operations,, 888-254-3478, Bristol, Pa