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Address quality ensures the deliverability of your mail, making the entire organisation more effective, while simultaneously eliminating considerable waste. Address Accelerator from Blackbaud offers a significant return-on-investment and in some cases a substantial one. You can increase your address quality by cleansing the data elements within your records using Royal Mail standards, and by matching those records with the latest Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) database.

Address Accelerator represents a state-of-the-art address quality solution. It can have an immediate impact on your department’s effectiveness and on your budget. Implementation is easy as its is designed to be an integrated with The Raiser's Edge and therefore works directly with your existing data.


Address Accelerator at a Glance:

How effective can your message be…if it doesn’t get delivered?

Address Accelerator improves all aspects of your campaign operation, from initial contact to final delivery. Accurate contact data is fundamental to your success. Properly employed, it makes your campaigns more effective and cost efficient.

Used at an individual level or in batch mode and conforming to the PAF standards, letters and communications can automatically be prepared and printed to achieve maximum postage discounts utilising DPS (Delivery Point Suffix) codes.

Using an address validation system means that you will be able to ensure your efforts are not needlessly wasted. In an increasingly costly environment Address Accelerator represents an essential element for success providing the components required to maintain your edge.


Increasing your budget, by decreasing your waste

Sometimes the most effective financial decisions are also the most uncomplicated. Address Accelerator offers one of the simplest, most profitable investments your organisation can make. What makes the investment decision so extraordinary is that its results are so easily calculated.

Based upon the way your organisation uses contact data determines from where your most significant savings will come. Cost justification, based upon return-on-investment, can quickly be pencilled out. Regardless from where your savings come, Address Accelerator maximises your campaign budget making your pounds go much further.



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