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Target Analytics Launches New Specialized Fundraising Solutions

New Grateful Patient solution for hospitals and Very Important Patron solution
for arts and cultural organizations to improve prospecting and fundraising results

Charleston, S.C. (October 13, 2015) — Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLKB), today announced the availability of its Grateful Patient Healthcare solution, designed for patient populations, and Very Important Patron (VIP) solution, specific to arts & cultural visitor and ticket buyer populations, enabling rapid identification of donor prospects for annual gift and major gift fundraising appeals.

“Both healthcare and arts & cultural organizations have diverse daily visitors, all of which are meaningfully engaged in an experiential event, but only a select number have the likelihood and capacity to honor that experience with a philanthropic gift,” said Richard Becker, president of Blackbaud Target Analytics. “Our new screening solutions enable both healthcare and arts and cultural organizations to identify annual and major gift fundraising prospects when visitors are meaningfully engaged with their organization, increasing fundraising opportunity identification, effectiveness and donor conversion.”

Target Analytics’ Grateful Patient Healthcare solution
Healthcare organizations create grateful patients on a daily basis, and many of these grateful patients possess philanthropic characteristics that make them prime candidates for an annual or major gift. With Target Analytics’ Grateful Patient Healthcare solution, healthcare organizations can screen lists of in-patient and out-patient files within minutes, obtaining information that identifies and prioritizes donor prospects from recent patient populations, along with intelligence that influences donor prospect engagement, whether that engagement is via direct marketing or face-to-face.

“The healthcare bundle is having a major impact on our daily processes and, more specifically, refining our Grateful Patient program. Our development officers are more fully equipped to meet their day-to-day and annual goals,” said Cherie Menke, system development data coordinator for UCHealth.

Target Analytics’ Very Important Patron (VIP) solution
Arts & cultural organizations engage patrons with performances, exhibitions, and events, providing them culturally rich learning and life experiences. Many of these patrons have demonstrated philanthropic behaviors and wealth characteristics that make them uniquely qualified to give an annual or major gift. With Target Analytics’ Very Important Patron (VIP) solution, arts & cultural organizations can screen lists of visitors and participants within minutes, obtaining key data that enables the identification and prioritization of donor prospects, along with information that enables a timely direct marketing or major gift fundraising strategy.

“By far – Target Analytics gives us the best results, and better accuracy in matching donors with the wealth information available,” said Candace Chesler, Blackbaud Database Manager at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet.

Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud Inc., offers data and analytic driven solutions to over 7,000 nonprofit clients, enabling nonprofits’ direct marketing fundraising, donor prospect research, major gift fundraising, data health, and fundraising performance measurement. For more information about its Grateful Patient Healthcare solution, visit and to learn more about its Very Important Patron (VIP) solution, visit

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