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Pride Month at Blackbaud

Last week we dedicated this space to the topic of equality. And today, in honor of Pride Month, we want to underscore that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.

Pride Month is more than rainbows and parades (although we love both); it’s an important acknowledgment and affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrations each June, although steeped in love and inclusion, commemorate demonstrations in 1969 that served as a catalyst for dismantling discriminatory legal practices.  

At Blackbaud, we join our colleagues and customers around the world in recognizing Pride Month. We honor the history of those who fought against harassment and violence, and we celebrate equality that makes us better as a company, a community, and individuals. We also are committed to more dialogue, more learning, and more action. 

We can always do more—collectively and individually—to create an environment where all are welcome, respected, and appreciated. With that in mind, here are a few voices from our team on what Pride means to them:   

Carly Ainlay, CFRE, Account Executive, Blackbaud Canada

Headshot-Round_Carly-Ainlay-3Pride means standing up for others who don’t have a voice, and never forgetting the rights and freedoms that I enjoy that others fought for me to have.

Chawndra Chisolm, Senior Account Executive | Faith Based, South Carolina

Headshot-Round_Chawndra_Chisolm-3Pride is a reminder I shouldn’t feel ashamed but rather celebrate myself. I’m open about my identity so that those who are struggling, see someone who has overcome that struggle.

Lex Stress, Graphic Designer | Global Marketing, South Carolina

Headshot-Round_Lex_StressPride to me means something as simple, but as important, as being able to be myself.

Michael Morrissette, Team Lead | Customer Support, Bedford, New Hampshire

Headshot-Round_Michael_Morrissette‘Pride’ is the feeling you achieve after surviving growing up and reconciling in yourself that the things that make you different are actually positive traits and should be celebrated.

John Gillen, Senior Service Delivery | Professional Services, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Headshot-Round_John_Gillen_smallHaving worked in a setting where I had to hide my partner of 10 years, Pride means that I can share without job retribution. Thank you, Blackbaud, for being the right company for me.