Blackbaud Newsroom

Press Coverage Highlights from 2/12/16 – 2/25/16

Our data, expertise and more were featured in many prominent publications, such as USA Today, The Post & Courier, ZDNet, CPA Practice Advisor and Inside Philanthropy.      

  • USA Today – Cancer society hopes crowdfunding attracts Millennial donors – Although the Case Foundation found 84% of Millennials made a charitable donation in 2014, an earlier report by Blackbaud, a maker of software and services targeting the non-profit industry, found that adults ages 18-32 comprised only 11% of total giving, the smallest portion of any age group studied.
  • The Post & Courier – Get to know Carolyn Finch, executive director of Charleston Women in Tech – One of the most notable women leaders in our community would have to be Mary Beth Westmoreland, chief technology officer of Blackbaud, who is setting the bar for women seeking careers in tech, as well as setting an example as a woman who is truly passionate and engaged with the Charleston community. Not only is she concerned with the ability of her company to embrace women in tech and sees the need for increased diversity, but she extends this hope to the Charleston tech community as a whole.
  • CPA Practice Advisor – 2016 Review of Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT – Best Fit: Financial Edge NXT, from Blackbaud is well suited for mid-sized nonprofit organizations, NGO’s, and government entities that desire the flexibility of an online product. Product Strengths: Mobile friendly interface; Integrates with all Blackbaud financial and fundraising applications; Excellent help and support options available; Grant management module available Potential Weaknesses: May not be the best solution for smaller nonprofits.
  • ZDNet – And the winners of the 2016 CRM Watchlist are… – The winners of the CRM Watchlist 2016 are here!! After reading thousands of pages and scoring them ruthlessly and brutally, the Elites, winners with distinction, regular winners, honorable mentions and a couple of organizations that I’ve singled out for other reasons, have been decided. Blackbaud was awarded Winners with distinction – Fell just short of Elite, but cream of the crop of winners.
  • Inside Philanthropy – Why Aren’t We Engaging More Diverse Donors? – This tendency to view donor engagement through one lens, rather than many, is confirmed in Diversity in Giving: The Changing Landscape of American Philanthropy, a 2015 study by the Blackbaud technology firm in Charleston, South Carolina. The study noted that the foundation that “America is in the midst of a dramatic cultural shift, but evidence suggests that organized philanthropy may be stuck in the past… We built complex look-alike models allowing us to better fish the same fishing holes for the same donors.”