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Blackbaud To Launch New BlackbaudU Campus for Interactive Product Training

To improve and expand our customers’ learning experience, Blackbaud is excited to announce the launch of BlackbaudU Campusa new learning management system for our Blackbaud University training courses. BlackbaudU Campus offers more interactivity, more flexibility, and more opportunities to build knowledge and skills.  

Training Central will become BlackbaudU Campus the week of November 15th. Stay tuned for more information from Blackbaud University about how to prepare for the new training experience. 

What’s improving?  

  1. Ease of access: BlackbaudU Campus will make it easier than ever to access training and find your next course.  
  2. Streamlined interface: The modern design will guide students through their educational journey.  
  3. Enhanced learning experience: The new environment offers increased opportunities to collaborate with instructors and peers. 
  4. Clearer communication: New classes? New learning opportunities? Students will be the first to know!  

What’s not changing? 

  • High-quality instructor-led courses and eLearning 
  • Best-in-class on-demand content  
  • Inclusive scheduling  
  • Support for Blackbaud Learn® training subscribers and customers  

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