UK Giving Focus Report

Get a comprehensive view into the current state of the non-profit sector with the UK Giving Focus report.

We look at income trends from UK organisations, consumer-led fundraising insights, concerns and challenges for the sector, plus a deep-dive into donor behaviour.

Together with expert insight and analysis on the trends and key events from the year, we hope you enjoy reading.

Download your copy to learn:

  • Consumer-led fundraising insights and trends from JustGiving

  • BowelBabe Campaign Q&A with Tom Lay, Partnerships Specialist at the Bowelbabe Fund

  • Non-profit benchmarks from the Status of UK Fundraising Report

  • Preferences of Donors from the Donor Behaviour Insights report

A special thanks to Dan Fluskey, Director of Policy and Communications, Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Pascale Harvie, Senior Vice President, JustGiving and Tom Lay, Partnerships Specialist, Bowelbabe Fund, for their contributions.