Toolkit: The Supporter Experience Toolkit

The Supporter Experience Toolkit

Discover how to kick-start your supporter experience strategy in four easy to follow steps, with the new Supporter Experience Toolkit.

38% of organisations told us that they don’t know where to begin when it comes to measuring supporter experience, 37% said they don’t have the knowledge, and 32% said they don’t have the skills. So we’ve created the toolkit to help you learn how to get started, understand what your supporters want, create a supporter journey and know how to measure supporter engagement.

Download the toolkit to learn:

  • The data points you can check on to find a starting place

  • How to reach out to your supporters to ask for feedback – and then how to put that feedback

  • An easy way to create a supporter journey and how to automate the process

  • The best metrics to look at to help you measure your success