Playing the Long Game: Stewardship Toolkit for Nonprofit Organisations

It takes time and dedication to build a community of supporters. For your nonprofit to succeed over the long haul, you need strategic goals, proven best practices, and data to identify why your donors give, why they keep giving, and why some donors fail to stick around as time passes.

In this toolkit, we show you how to customise the ground rules of stewardship so you can personalise every touchpoint for every donor:

  • Major donors

  • Planned giving donors

  • Sustainers

  • Board members

  • Staff and volunteers

  • Annual donors

  • Donors with designations

  • Peer-to-peer fundraisers

When you understand your donors, their behavioural data, and the communications techniques that deepen engagement over the years, you empower your supporters to claim your mission as their own. Download the free toolkit today.