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Blackbaud CRM brings industry-leading fundraising management, online applications, multichannel direct marketing and actionable prospect research and analytics together in one platform, to enable an integrated view of the supporter experience across your organisation.

Built for the largest not-for-profit organisations with the most complex needs, Blackbaud CRM is designed to work around your unique processes. Whether you have hundreds of thousands of supporters, multiple international offices or have a federated organisational model, Blackbaud CRM solves the challenges of large national and international not-for-profit organisations.

Supporter Management

Make Your Relationships More Meaningful, at Every Stage of the Donor Lifecycle

Blackbaud CRM brings together disparate information across your organisation’s various programmes and sites. This information might include annual and capital giving, major giving, online communication, social media or direct marketing data. With a single system of records that can be securely and efficiently shared, organisations are able to turn their data into timely and actionable information that maximises their fundraising and programme efforts, synchronises campaigns across an organisation and ultimately strengthens relationships with supporters leading to increased supporter engagement for the long term.

Multichannel Marketing Outreach

Control Your Campaigns and Improve the Supporter Experience

Whether you are campaign planning, budgeting or executing a marketing strategy, Blackbaud CRM ensures the success of your organisation’s communication plan.

Research shows that donors acquired online tend to be less loyal than those acquired through direct mail. However, donors that move to offline giving after initially donating online, do tend to maintain above-average levels of giving, and still present with similar retention rates as those of more traditional, direct mail supporters. Online-acquired donors are significantly younger, have higher household incomes and tend to give substantially larger gifts than mail-acquired donors. But as reported in the 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report, it still takes the existence of a robust direct mail program to drive up the retention and long-term value of new donors acquired online. Without the ability to become multichannel givers by renewing their support via direct mail, this group of donors would be worth far less.

Therefore, by combining your online and offline efforts into a single view, your organisation can sustain an end-to-end business process—from acquisition and cultivation to stewardship and retention.

Analytics & Performance

Reach Your Best Prospects with Accuracy and Confidence

It takes accurate research on the best data available to build a winning fundraising strategy. Blackbaud CRM features powerful prospect research tools that will enable your organisation to build in-depth profiles of gift prospects, including analytics that provide data around a prospect’s affinity and propensity to give.. These tools enable your organisation to prioritise donors and successfully move them through the donor lifecycle to give a major gift.


More than a relationship, it’s a journey

Supporter Relationship Management is a lifelong journey with your supporters

A single donation is great, but to be truly successful you need to take your supporters on a journey that lasts a lifetime. Blackbaud’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions give you the tools you need to build strong relationships and lifelong supporters, by analysing best prospects, keeping in touch with supporters; developing online communities, showing appreciation – all while getting the most out of your investments.

Click on the individual steps to learn more about how CRM empowers your organisation to complete the journey. or read about the Support Journey at a glance.

The Supporter Journey

Download the latest edition of the Blackbaud Desktop Reference series, The Supporter Journey. Learn more

CRM Supporter Journey at a Glance:

Step 1: Analyze and Identify

With the intense competition for donors, not-for-profits can’t afford to under- or overestimate a prospect’s capacity and affinity to your organisation. By taking the time to develop a three-dimensional view of your individual supporters, you’ll eliminate risk. In fact, once you develop a profile of your best prospects, you should know what to ask, when to ask, and how to ask because you’ll understand what it is about your mission that engages each of the donor’s you’ve qualified.

Acquisition management and identification doesn’t get any easier. Our solutions can help with:

  • Wealth & Affluence Indicators
  • Likelihood to Give
  • Analytics


Step 2: Segment and Target

Mining your prospect data is a key to success. Modeling factors in the strength of each individual’s relationship with your organisation, such as whether they volunteer regularly, purchase season tickets every year, or sit on your board of directors. Modeling helps you identify and rank the best prospects in your database, regardless of whether they’ve already given to your organisation. This enables you to better understand your donors’ and non-donors’ relationships with your organisation. Once you have the information, you can target your efforts accordingly by turning that knowledge and your creativity into fundraising results.

Complex segmentation and campaign success are enabled through:

  • Data accuracy
  • Custom modeling
  • Segmentation services

Take our new online assessment to find solutions for identifying your best prospects!


Step 3: Engage and Communicate

Times are changing. Supporters are giving via multiple channels (direct mail, web sites, etc). It’s now more critical than ever to have a solid vision of the future or you run the risk of losing supporters. Developing a strategy that enables your organisation to acquire new donors online and offline and subsequently incorporate them into your multi-channel, direct marketing program may be the key to future fundraising success.

There’s more than one way to a supporter’s heart. Our integrated multichannel approach to reaching and connecting includes:

  • Direct Marketing and eMarketing Communications
  • Website and Online Communities
  • Peer-to-peer and Friends Asking Friends event fundraising

eMarketing Solutions

Direct Mail Solutions

As reported in the 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report, “It takes the existence of a robust direct mail program to drive up the retention and long-term value of new donors acquired online. Without the ability to become multichannel givers by renewing their support via direct mail, this group of donors would be worth far less.” Download the 2011 donorCentrics™ Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report.


Step 4: Appreciate & Retain

All across the fundraising landscape, donor retention is falling. Is my organisation harvesting, creating, or destroying value? To ensure success, you need to refocus you energies on your individual donors—to understand why each of them cares about your mission.

People give their hard-earned money for a reason; it is up to you to uncover those reasons and engage donors in the manner they prefer. Building a strategy that makes supporters feel appreciated (and even more tied to your mission) will allow you to appreciate and retain loyal donors through:

  • True Supporter Management
  • Major and Planned Giving Moves Management
  • Personalised Communications

To learn more about Moves Management and the best way to use technology to enable your major and planned giving plans, read "Embracing Technology for Moves Management Success."


Step 5: Measure & Manage

Measuring your success and managing relationships give you a better understanding of your donors. We can help you quickly identify opportunities and challenges; evaluate past strategies to get the most out of future plans; share information with members of your organisation; and, ultimately, raise more money to support your mission.




Supporter Relationship Management

More than Donor Management, focus on Supporter Relationship Management

Blackbaud CRM places supporters squarely in the centre of your organisation - by bringing together information from different departments or offices, even from different systems, and combining it in a single source of information about individual and organisational supporters. Blackbaud CRM is the one place where an organisation can showcase the holistic relationship they have with a supporter and where you can begin respecting donor preferences across channels.

To better understand the importance of a holistic supporter view, download the latest edition of the Blackbaud Desktop Reference series, The Supporter Journey.


It’s What You Know and Who You Know

Understanding the relationships between supporters in a database is a key element of operating successful not-for-profit organisations. However, it is just as important to understand how supporters relate to each other. If you are going to approach an individual or organisation to become involved with your mission, it is essential to try and uncover relationships that they may already have with another supporter, person, or organisation, so you can have a warm introduction. Blackbaud CRM provides robust relationship capabilities so you can understand connectivity amongst a group of people and organisations.

Learn more about Blackbaud CRM


Your Supporters Are Unique and Your Solution Should Be Too

Blackbaud CRM is extensible to provide support for other business processes that are unique to each organisation. This could mean configuring a workflow to address unique situations, such as Disaster Relief so that you can easily deploy a team to a remote location and provide them access to the entire solution. In the past, those interactions would have been lost. Or it could be a child sponsorship program or advanced membership program. Blackbaud CRM does not require complex customisation to manage these different types of programmes and donors, just configuration.Each organisation has unique functions that make them quite special and that must be included if you are to have a holistic view of supporters and their interactions.



Multichannel Marketing

Make Every Contact Matter

From social media, peer-to-peer fundraising, and online giving, to eMarketing, and web design, direct mail planning and segmentation, our solutions empower you to deliver on your most challenging communication and fundraising strategies through an integrated approach. Create complete visibility into and control of your multichannel marketing efforts so that you can leverage data from offline campaigns and activities to drive greater success in online initiatives and vice versa. Learn more

Download the 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report or watch the video.


Empower Your Supporters through Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Event participants who use online tools raise six times more than non-users. Mobilise your supporters to raise funds for your events by extending their reach across the Internet with peer-to-peer fundraising solutions like TeamRaiser and Heroix. More than just an event-fundraising platforms, these can support personal fundraising activities such as bake sales and birthday wishes. Turn your participants into social fundraisers with a comprehensive fundraising solution complete with personal and team web pages, email, social media, and mobile tools.

Learn More About Blackbaud's Event Fundraising Solutions


Leverage Tools Necessary to Manage Segmentation, Marketing, and Communication Lifecycles to Build a Strong Direct Mail Program

Blackbaud Direct Marketing will integrate your direct marketing campaigns with your supporter information, so you can plan and set budgets, identify and target high-performing donor segments, get one view of marketing activities, and see real-time performance results.

Learn more about Blackbaud Direct Marketing


Create a true community

It starts by creating your own “house” social network designed specifically with not-for-profits in mind. These online communities, powered by

Blackbaud Social, allow you to get to know your supporters as they contribute stories, engage with each other, and access valuable cause-related information within your network. Blackbaud Social empowers organisations like The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to build highly engaging Support Programs using Social Media to connect supporters, care-givers, doctors and patients

Learn more



Blackbaud CRM at a Glance:

Two Ways of Meeting Your Needs

With the introduction of two unique implementation approaches, Blackbaud allows nonprofits to realize the vast power of the platform that scales to the needs of any organization.

  • Blackbaud CRM Enterprise provides built-in best practices based on our cumulative knowledge of fundraising from more than 22,000 customers. We provide you with an implementation style that enables you to hit the ground running. With a preconfigured database, best practice business processes, and a proven technology platform, Blackbaud CRM offers a solution to meet your needs while maintaining full flexibility to scale to the custom requirements of your organization.
  • Blackbaud CRM Unlimited provides a proven platform that gives large federated organizations the ability to maximize the value of built-in best practice guidelines and customization needs of a more complex distributed data model. With the recent addition of visual workflow and multi-currency, Blackbaud CRM Unlimited provides the best of both worlds: a proven platform to extend to third-party applications, support for a distributed data model to consolidate the view of the constituent, and a fully scalable platform to meet the needs of the most complex organizations.


Complete Constituent Control

Provide true one-to-one constituent relationship management across your entire organization.

  • Increase strength of service and value of brand, regardless of channel or functional area of your organization.
  • Move donors up giving levels more efficiently and effectively.
  • Establish links between functional areas and programs/mission.


Streamline Operations

Gain significant cost and organizational efficiencies through better utilization of your existing technology and infrastructure.

  • Offer shared or hybrid services. (hardware, software, IT support)
  • Eliminate redundant processes, data, and costs with effective consolidation.
  • Standardize processes across the organization.
  • Manage globally, including remote employees, regardless of geographic location.
  • Use seamless roll-up and drill-down reporting to evaluate and measure performance at varying levels within your organization.


Enable Your People

Enable the individual success of chapters and field offices within your overall organization.

  • Provide strategic services and direction across chapters and field offices.
  • Provide chapter-relevant tools and best practices.
  • Consolidate overhead to free up organizational areas to focus on their missions.



Serving the non-profit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 35 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organisations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 35,000 customers, including non-profits, schools and higher education institutions, healthcare organisations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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