Training Database System Requirements

Sample database access for most instructor-led online events in The Raiser’s Edge, The Financial Edge, and The Education Edge will be provided to attendees during class via a web-accessible remote desktop environment. Please make sure your computer and network firewall meet the minimum system requirements below.

Please verify that the computer you plan to use for training meets these requirements at least one day before your class’ scheduled start time.

Open Network Firewall Ports
  • Customers using Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later (Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Remote Desktop Client 8.0 and above can connect to our virtual sample database environment using a standard secure firewall port (443). This port is usually open for you if you are able to log in to a secure website from the location and workstation from which you will attend training. An example of a secure website is your online banking system.
  • Mac customers and those Windows customers using a version of Windows XP below Service Pack 3 need to ensure they have access to outbound TCP firewall ports in the range (55001-55100). This port range is usually accessible by default for the majority of Blackbaud customers. If you are unsure, ask your office helpdesk or IT staff.
PC Users
Mac Users