Training Help FAQs

Training Help FAQs BBE

  • How do I disable my pop-up blocker to attend an online training event or watch a video?

    Both instructor-led online classes and videos launched from Training Central will attempt to open in a new browser window. Your internet browser’s pop-up blocker settings may prevent you from accessing your class or from playing your video.

    Receiving the “Loading Title, One Moment Please” message? Follow the steps below to disable your pop-up blockers according to the current web browser you are using. Please complete the following steps to make sure your pop-up blocker settings are compatible with Training Central.

    Internet Explorer (PC)

    • Open Internet Explorer.
    • Click the Tools menu or the icon at the top.
    • Select the Privacy tab.
    • Deselect the 'Turn on Pop-up blocker' option.
    • Click Apply.
    • Click OK.


    Chrome (Mac and PC)

    • Open Chrome.
    • Click the Customise icon on the browser toolbar (or).
    • Select Settings.
    • Click the 'Show advanced settings' link at the bottom.
    • In the Privacy section, click the Content settings button.
    • Scroll down to the Pop-ups section, and select 'Allow all sites to show pop-ups.'
    • Click Done.


    Firefox (PC)

    • Open Firefox.
    • At the top left-hand corner of the window, click the Firefox icon (Tools menu in Windows XP).
    • Hover over Options, and then click Options.
    • Select the Content tab.
    • Deselect the 'Block pop-up windows' option.
    • Click OK.


    Firefox (Mac)

    • Open Firefox.
    • At the top left-hand corner of the window, click the Firefox icon, and select Preferences.
    • Select the Content tab.
    • Deselect the 'Block pop-up windows' option.
    • Click OK.



    • Open Safari.
    • Click the Safari menu button at the top left-hand corner of the window, and select Preferences.
    • Select the Security tab.
    • Deselect the 'Block pop-up windows' option.
    • Click OK.
  • How do I prepare for an instructor-led online event?

    Review the following information to prepare for an instructor-led online event.

    Sample Data: Sample database access for instructor-led events in The Raiser’s Edge will be provided to attendees during class via a web-accessible remote desktop environment. For more information, and to make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements, please refer to Sample Databases for Training.

    WebEx: Blackbaud uses a virtual training environment provided by Cisco WebEx to create an interactive, online classroom. To test that your computer can successfully connect to WebEx sessions, join a test meeting or view our technical requirements FAQ.

    Audio: Class audio is delivered through your computer’s speakers or headphones. When you join a class, you are prompted to join the integrated VoIP conference. At that time, you can adjust your speaker settings in the Volume panel.

    Class Materials: Class materials are available for download upon logging into class. If you wish to print the class materials early, we suggest logging into class 10-15 minutes prior to class start time

  • How can I get the sample database for instructor-led online events, and what login should I use?
    Sample database access for instructor-led events will be provided when you arrive to class.
  • How do I attend my instructor-led online event?

    Thirty minutes before your class, go to your transcript. If you are not logged in to Blackbaud, you'll be prompted to enter your username and password. If needed, click "Forget Password?" to reset your credentials.

    Once in Training Central, verify that you are indeed logged in. If your welcome message says "Welcome to Training Central (Please Log In)", hover over the gear icon in the top right hand corner and click "Login".

    Find the class name and click Launch from your transcript.

    The virtual classroom will open in a new window, where an instructor will be ready to greet you. If nothing happens, ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled. For further assistance, email

  • What should I do when I join my instructor-led online event?

    Your instructor will provide you with the information you need to interact and make the most of the training. We also recommend the following:

    • Be sure you can clearly hear the instructor.
    • If you experience a technical problem, close the session and then rejoin it.
    • Use Text Chat to communicate with the instructor.
    • Click the break feedback icon (coffee cup) to step out of the virtual classroom at any time.
  • I'm trying to join an instructor-led online event and am having problems. Help!

    I don't have my login information for the Blackbaud website.

    If you cannot locate your Blackbaud website user name and password, follow the steps below:

    • Go to the Blackbaud Login Page
    • Click the “Can’t Log In?” button below the user name and password fields.
    • Enter your email address and click Submit to have your Blackbaud user name and password sent to you.

    We encourage you to keep your Blackbaud user name and password in a safe place for any future online Blackbaud training classes. For further assistance, please contact Blackbaud at 0845.658.8500 (within the UK), +44(0) 141.243.4250 (outside the UK), or at 800.468.8996, option 3 (in the United States). You may also email



  • I have a poor connection.
    Usually, the cause of a fair or poor VoIP connection is a lack of capacity, or "bandwidth," available for sending voice information over your network or the Internet. To improve your VoIP connection, close any applications you don't need during training, and avoid downloading files or browsing the web while in class.
  • I need additional technical help or have questions about registrations, cancellations, or billing.


    Call: 0845.658.8500 (within the UK), +44(0) 141.243.4250 (outside the UK) or 800.468.8996, option 3 (in the US).

  • What are the technical requirements and recommended browser settings for an instructor-led online event?

    Verify the following technical and web browser requirements prior to attending instructor-led online events.


    • Javascript and cookies should be enabled.
    • Broadband internet access is recommended. The use of dial-up internet services may result in difficulty hearing classroom audio and/or seeing presentation materials.
    • Technical Requirements:

    Firewall Requirements:

    Ports used by the WebEx client for communication for both inbound and outbound traffic

     Port  Port Number  Access Type
     TCP  80  Client Access
     TCP  443  Client Access - Secure Traffic (SSL Sites)
     TCP/UDP  1270  Client Access (Non SSL Sites)
     TCP/UDP  53  Domain Name System (DNS)
     TCP/UDP  5101  MMP
     TCP  8554  Audio Streaming Client Access
     UDP  7500 Audio Streaming
     UDP  7501  Audio Streaming
     UDP  9000  VoIP/Video
     UDP  9001  VoIP/Video
  • How do I register for an instructor-led online event?
    Search for individual classes and register by clicking on the course links. You will receive a confirmation email and attendance instructions.
  • How can I cancel or reschedule an instructor-led online event?

    From your transcript, locate the class title and click the green arrow to the right.

    To cancel, click Withdraw.

    To reschedule, click Select Session next to the class title. Review our cancellation policy to ensure you don’t incur any penalties.

  • Is there a way to get new users up and running?
    Yes, your Blackbaud Learn subscription offers all the basic training a new staff member needs to master critical skills. And the best part is that the curriculum can be taken over and over, all year long.
  • Training was great, but it's a lot of information! Is there an ongoing resource for reminders?
    Yes. Reinforce what you learned in your instructor-led training at any time by choosing from our extensive library of self-paced videos. Search Training Central by keyword or product.
  • With each new release of the software, new features are added. How can I stay up to date?
    With your Blackbaud Learn subscription, you have access to evolving instructor-led events (online and classroom) and self-paced videos to help update you on any new product features. Search Training Central by keyword, product, or date.
  • We have volunteers and part-timers that help with data entry. Is there a way to teach them what they need to know?

    Yes, any user at your organisation can access all the benefits of your Blackbaud Learn subscription, including instructor-led events (online and classroom) and self-paced videos. Search Training Central by keyword, product, or date.

  • Why are the training options and prices different for new users?

    New users have full access to their Training Central options within 12-24 hours of being added to To register for a class during this window, select the “Invoice Me” option at checkout. If the class is part of your organisation’s Learn subscription, you will not be billed for the class.

We've listed answers to common questions about instructor-led online events. Don't see your question in the list below? Select Knowledgebase from the Support menu, enter your question, and click Ask. You can also email or call 0845.658.8500 (within the UK), +44(0) 141.243.4250 (outside the UK), or 800.468.8996, option 3 (in the US) to speak with a training specialist.