Explore Our Organisational Best Practices Curriculum

As the recognised leader in non-profit solutions, Blackbaud University is committed to sharing not only our technology expertise, but also our industry experience. The Organisational Best Practices curriculum is designed to give you the knowledge about relevant non-profit topics you need to be successful. These courses will explore strategies, inspire conversation, and help you apply industry best practices at your non-profit organisation.

Organisational Best Practices offers courses for several focus areas:

Fundraising: Learn to create a robust fundraising strategy to maximise your potential and raise more dollars.


Marketing and Communications: Learn to craft and share your mission effectively through multiple channels and create personalised messages that resonate with your audience.

Engaging Your Network: Learn to build a strong and effective community of supporters, including donors, volunteers, board members, and partners.

Operational Excellence: Learn strategies to optimise your staff and processes to increase efficiency and return on mission.


Organisational Best Practices


Explore our Immersive Curriculum

Do you ever wish you could test out new donor strategies in a safe learning environment? Join us for a simulation-style experience to learn industry-proven acquisition and retention tactics.

This workshop focuses on:

  • Brand: Create, maintain, and communicate a consistent message to your constituents
  • Acquisition: Use donor personas and communication methods to target prospects
  • Retention: Maximise donor loyalty and revenue using a variety of strategies, channels, and technologies
  • Real-world Practice: Learn and make mistakes without putting your organisation’s budget on the line

Immersive Workshop