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Blackbaud SKY™ Integrations

Blackbaud SKY allows you to customise your Blackbaud experience to suit your organisation’s needs, with standard open architecture paired with a best-in-class developer experience. Connect your Blackbaud solutions to your organisation’s wider technology ecosystem, using our growing range of straightforward integration options.


SKY API provides developers with access to open REST APIs for Blackbaud solutions, allowing your in-house team to develop tools you need. If you don’t have your own development team, then custom processes and applications can be developed by the Blackbaud Professional Services team. Plus, you can leverage the power of the ever-expanding Blackbaud customer community that is developing integrations for the solutions that you use, such as the integration between Raiser’s Edge NXT and Microsoft Power BI.

SKY Add-ins.

With add-ins, developers can use familiar web development technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to augment selected areas of your Raiser’s Edge NXT solution with customised functionality. Add-ins run in your web browser, so they work well for both desktop and mobile users. They allow for you to build contextual experience for users to simplify tasks and get more done.


The Blackbaud SKY User Experience (UX) brings a consistent, cohesive experience to Blackbaud products and allows third-party developers to provide the same consistent experience in their customisations and integrations. The SKY UX design patterns allow developers to quickly create applications with a cohesive user experience.


Konektis is a powerful tool for organisations that shares data across systems within their organisation, such as between Blackbaud solutions and Microsoft Dynamics 365, ticketing platforms or student information systems. Find out more about connecting your organisation with Konektis.

  • A purchasable Blackbaud subscription service, integrating core data between your Blackbaud and other solutions on a daily basis according to the Microsoft Common Data Model

  • Utilises Blackbaud SKY API™ and Microsoft Azure App Service™ to provide confidence of a robust, scalable and supportable integration and flexibility for the future

  • Facilitates an automated flow of key information between the two systems, so you can harness strengths of each application for relevant functionality whilst establishing a holistic view of your constituents

  • Support and development are provided by Blackbaud, and the implementation and training of Konektis can be configured to your unique needs

  • Watch the Connected Office Case Study: Museum of London on using Raiser’s Edge NXT and Konektis

Importing made easy with ImportOmatic.

Seamlessly import data from any other system directly into Raiser’s Edge and eliminate the need for manual data entry, struggling through the standard import process, or spending unnecessary resources on data clean up. Allowing you to:

  • Reduce your data entry and processing time and expense.

  • Improve the accuracy and integrity of your data by eliminating manual data entry.

  • Eliminate the need to clean up data after import.

  • Find out more how you can benefit from ImportOmatic.

Third Party Tools.

Tools for all types and sizes of non-profits. Blackbaud supports third party tools, so you can enable tools that boosts your organisations capabilities. Some of the most popular tools available from third party partners include:

  • Importacular: provides advanced import capabilities through prebuilt connectors.

  • SmartTHING: allows you to connect over 1,000 different apps to Blackbaud solutions through their SmartSYNC product.

  • Red Arc: custom SKY Add-in tiles and automated integrations for your Blackbaud solution.

  • Blackbaud partners have developed on the SKY API including Graduway, PaperSave and RunGopher.

Find your perfect third party tool with our full partner list.

Free, reliable and secure data transfer.

With our Secure FTP, your non-profit can perform scheduled automated exports from Raiser’s Edge NXT, providing you with the ability to securely access data outside the system, such as if you wish to back up key information locally or import it into a third-party system. Free to use and user-friendly, your FTP site provides a private file location that your organisation’s other applications can securely access.

Backup your customer data.

Through Microsoft Azure, your organisation can receive a nightly backup of your SQL database from your Blackbaud solution. This allows your organisation to perform regular SQL queries on your data warehouse and is useful if your organisation is unable to use the SKY API.

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