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A website solution natively designed to share data with Blackbaud's fundraising and CRM solutions, Blackbaud NetCommunity is a powerful solution that enables complete visibility into and control of your multichannel marketing efforts. With it, you can leverage data from offline campaigns and activities to drive greater success in online initiatives.


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The Raiser’s Edge Integration

Building strong, long-lasting relationships with your constituents requires you to know as much about them as possible. When you approach and interact with supporters, it’s important to have all your information in one place and up to date.

Blackbaud NetCommunity provides a complete view of each constituent’s online and offline activity by sharing a database with The Raiser's Edge fundraising software. This gives you the edge in determining the best approach for taking your constituent relationships to the next level.


Online Fundraising

Your website is an integral part of your fundraising strategy, and needs to support your campaigns along with the needs of your potential donors. Only Blackbaud NetCommunity provides donors the convenience of easily making secure gifts of any type, like tributes, pledges, membership payments, and events payments alongside donations. Best of all, donation information flows seamlessly into The Raiser’s Edge so that donation history is perfectly accurate, enabling the best stewardship.

Email Marketing

When you personalise your marketing communications, you increase the likelihood that your message will drive the results you want.

Blackbaud NetCommunity makes every message count by enabling targeted email messaging that reaches the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. You’ll see greater support for your organisation and happier constituents — all while watching your overall marketing costs decrease.


Personalised Online Alumni Community

When it comes to effectively communicating online with alumni and supporters, education institutions are often faced with challenges such as inaccurate contact records, an out-of-date website, lack of strategy, or the inability to quickly and easily update online content.

With NetCommunity, you can share directories of alumni, supporters, members, or other groups based on unlimited fields in The Raiser’s Edge. Plus, the online fundraising and marketing tools allow you to improve engagement with your alumni network by providing targeted messaging, creating a personalised user experience, allowing for easy online content updates, and increasing the amount of donations you receive online.

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