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Feed The Hungry

Uses Blackbaud Heroix to Build Meaningful Relationships with Donors

Feed the Hungry helps to supply food and relief items directly to the world’s hungriest people, and since 1987 has delivered over £125 million of relief supplies to over 92 nations worldwide. The charity undertakes many different activities in order to raise funds and ensure they can carry on the excellent work that they do. These activities include radio and television advertising campaigns, direct mail campaigns and social media campaigns.


  • Staff at Feed the Hungry were well aware of the importance of offering their donors the ability to give online. The charity had originally been using a payment processing provider to take online donations, however were finding it very limiting in terms of gaining information on donors and making the giving process as seamless as possible.
  • Gwyn Williams, Operations Manager at Feed the Hungry, explained, “Donating online is easy and convenient for our supporters, but as a charity, we need to focus not just on the initial donation, but on building a long-term and meaningful relationship, encouraging one-off donors to become advocates for our cause. Our previous provider made this difficult for us because it gave us very limited information on the donation and made the process of donating online a bit laborious. We really needed an alternative solution.”


  • At this time, Feed the Hungry were also just about to invest in a new fundraising solution, and had chosen Blackbaud as their provider. They were going through an evaluation process to determine whether eTapestry®, Blackbaud’s cloud-based fundraising solution for small charities, or The Raiser’s EdgeTM, Blackbaud’s flagship fundraising solution, was more suitable for them.
  • “Heroix just made sense to us,” commented Gwyn. “We can use it as a standalone application at the moment, and when we implement our chosen Blackbaud fundraising solution, it will seamlessly integrate with that to ensure that all donations are automatically recorded. The functionality of Heroix is very impressive and was definitely the answer to our problems.”


  • Feed the Hungry have been using Heroix for just over a year and it’s now a major part of all fundraising campaigns.

    “Heroix has helped us no end,” commented Gwyn. We’re now able to create branded landing pages for each and every campaign and they look just like our own web site. The plan was always to minimise the number of pages that people had to go through to donate, and now we have just one donation page for each campaign which we can adapt to suit. We have seen a definite increase in donations over the last year, and I’m confident that Heroix has played a major part in this.”
  • “The reporting functionality within Heroix is also second to none,” added Gwyn. “We are capturing so much more information on our donors now because we are getting really detailed reports on each and every donation. It makes everything much easier, even being able to send proper thank you letters.”

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