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Action Against Hunger

Blackbaud Heroix Delivers Innovative Functionality and Significant Cost Savings

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger. The charity saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With over 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programmes in over 45 countries, benefitting seven million people each year.


  • The Challenge and Community Events Team at Action Against Hunger is responsible for raising funds for the organisation through sponsorships for various different events, and has been using several online fundraising platforms to make it as easy as possible
    for people to donate.
  • Francine Heggie, Challenge and Community Events Manager at Action Against Hunger, explains: “We use online fundraising platforms for the majority of our events, but we were beginning to have a few issues that we really wanted to address before we launched our Rajasthan Cycle campaign, and the other providers couldn’t resolve them to our satisfaction.”
  • “Another problem for us was the inability to customise sponsorship pages to fit in with
    our own branding to the extent that we’d like. This was particularly important for the
    Rajasthan Cycle challenge because we rely on sponsorship from other organisations and needed the flexibility to include all of their logos on our page, which would have been difficult with other providers. This event also attracts quite a bit of media attention, so it would be nice to have pages that tied in with our branding.”


  • Action Against Hunger looked at various different solutions with existing providers, but unfortunately many of their issues were unresolved, until they came across Heroix, Blackbaud’s Software as a Service solution that allows organisations to create fully branded online fundraising websites in minutes.
  • “We spoke to Blackbaud about the difficulties we had been experiencing and they talked us through Heroix in great detail and how it would be able to address these difficulties. We were very impressed.”


  • “Given that the challenge isn’t taking place for another four months, not many of them have had much time to push their sponsorship pages yet, however we have already raised just over £42,000 of our £100,000 target which is just fantastic. There have been no usability issues,
    which we sometimes do experience from other providers and we have had some great feedback on the look of the pages and how easy they were to navigate. The pages put Action Against Hunger at the fore in terms of branding which is exactly what we wanted.”
  • “The donor cover function is just fantastic,” commented Francine. “In this campaign alone, 60% of donors have opted to cover the processing charges themselves, which means we don’t have to! This has saved us over £2,000 thus far, so in addition to the already cheaper cost structure from Heroix we are making some significant cost savings.”
  • “I’m really impressed with Heroix,” concluded Francine. “The team at Blackbaud is creative, responsive and proactive and really worked hard to get our pages launched with a quick turnaround. By using Heroix we have already saved a lot of time and money and I’m looking forward to using it for future campaigns and making even more savings!”

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