EZShield Check Fraud Protection

EZShield Check Fraud Protection service was sold with preprinted Blackbaud checks drawn on U.S. or Canadian banks between July 1, 2010 and September 30, 2010. This service offering was suspended for new check orders on October 1, 2010. The fee for EZShield protection is two cents per check. EZShield protects businesses against the high costs and lengthy recovery time associated with loss of funds resulting from check fraud. Speedy reimbursement keeps you burden free while the incident is fully investigated and resolved.

What does EZShield Check Fraud Protection cover?

EZShield reimburses losses up to $25,000 in 72 hours for two years from the date of purchase. This service covers forged signatures, forged endorsements and altered checks, plus:

  • Refunds the cost of checks to use on a new account
  • Merchant fees associated with fraudulent checks
  • Notary fees to complete reimbursement package
  • Mailing and overnight courier expenses
  • Printing and document costs for case management

How do I use the service?

EZShield Check Fraud Protection can only be purchased at the time you place your order for preprinted checks. The service is, in effect, attached to the specific checks printed. When you purchase the service, an EZShield Check Fraud Protection certificate (PDF) is included in your box of checks. This certificate supplies contact information and information on the program. EZShield Check Fraud protection remains in effect for two years from the date you placed your check order.

To report a Fraud Incident, contact EZShield directly at 866.449.8818 or at cfp.ezshield.com. Funds are made available within 72 hours of the receipt of a completed "Request for Reimbursement Document Packet" which includes:

  • Copy of the police report
  • Signed affidavit of completed Request for Reimbursement
  • Signed Limited Durable Power of Attorney
  • Copies of checks involved in fraud incident

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