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Electronic spam isn't limited to email; spam also affects online forums. To keep our forums free of inappropriate content, our spam filter flags posts for moderation if they contain certain keywords or more than two hyperlinks.

Some common spam terms have valid uses, which can lead to legitimate posts being flagged for moderation. We check to see if there are posts to be moderated several times throughout the day and publish all appropriate content. We have adjusted our spam filters to allow some common spam terms to be used once in a post without being subjected to moderation. These terms include:

  • 4u
  • bingo
  • casino
  • credit card
  • debt
  • free
  • loan
  • lotto
  • ripoffs
  • slot
  • wholesale

Developing our moderation standards is an ongoing process. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, email or join the discussion on the forums.

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