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The Future of Fundraising

Sixteen leading not-for-profit experts have come together to share innovative trends, fundraising ideas and best practices that will help not-for-profits with donor retention, and keep their supporters in focus in a new era of philanthropy. Download the eBook for fresh fundraising tips and ideas you can put into practice now!


Meet Our Experts

"As nonprofit professionals, we are the creators of the future of fundraising."

Chuck Longfield

"Automated nurturing campaigns can help supporters be engaged in a purposeful way."

Donna Wilkins

"Open innovation is all about taking risks and challenging the way you have always done things."

David Neff

"The next new fundraising idea is around the dinner table or at the backyard BBQ—whichever crowd is willing to fundraise for you."

Simon Lockyer

"Imagine using your donor data not to just report results, but to predict what is likely to happen."

Gilman Sullivan

"Supporters want to tell the world about every step, every mile, and every dollar that they contribute."

Debbi Stanley

"As much as we may think technology is about the latest device or platform, it’s really about people."

Amy Sample Ward

"We need to fling open the doors to more flexible forms of crowd engagement."

Henry Timms

"Our constituents are more inspired and more informed than ever before."

Jeff Shuck

"The only way your mission succeeds is with happier, more loyal donors."

Shanon Doolittle

"The fundamentals work for all of the top organizations, and they will work for you."

Karen Osborne

"When it comes to fundraising efficiently and effectively, the cloud is a game-changer."

Patrick Callihan

"How do we draw the circle of philanthropy wide enough to embrace all Americans?"

Mark Rovner

"While it may look different today, we’re actually witnessing a return to the roots of peer-to-peer fundraising."

Jennifer Ashbaugh

"Mobile phones are replacing cash, checks and credit cards as the most convenient way to complete transactions."

Frank Barry

"Results are not a component of what you do. They are its point."

Hal Williams

Get Your Free npEXPERTS eBook

Sixteen leading nonprofit experts have come together to share innovative trends, fundraising ideas, and best practices that will help nonprofits keep their supporters in focus in a new era of philanthropy.

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