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Blackbaud Total School Solution

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There is so much information to manage when running a school! Efficiency is a necessity to do this well. What could be more seamless than using one vendor for all your software needs? Every office is automatically linked by data that is available to those identified as key stakeholders. You'll quickly notice the shift from asking "where is this information" to "have you noticed this trend?" Rely on Blackbaud to increase efficiency in your school so you can spend more time on what's important — educating and graduating students! And, ultimately, engaging alumni for increased participation.




  • Track all applicant information on one record to eliminate huge paper files and headaches
  • Automatically manage the admissions process with checklists
  • Easily turn accepted applicants into student records
  • Analyse admissions statistics with easy-to-use reports
  • Quickly and easily get a picture of your admissions pipeline

Online Admissions & Re-Enrollment

  • Create and update forms for inquiries, applications, and re-enrollments
  • Accept application fees and enrollment deposits online
  • Simplify the re-enrollment process for returning families with pre-populated forms and real-time information
  • Keep potential and returning families informed of their status and next steps
  • Automatically standardise data and transfer to The Education Edge™ after approval process

Online Community and Content Management

  • Portray your school’s unique brand and value on your website with web-design services
  • Create and update content in real time with easy-to-use tools
  • Take advantage of workflows for content updating, approvals, and publishing
  • Easily create new pages with wizards and templates that adhere to your site’s design standards
  • Increase traffic to your school’s site with search engine optimisation
  • Create eNewsletters, design templates, and more
  • Manage all online communications and response tracking
  • Target content based on visitors’ specific profile/interests
  • Show all school events including athletics on a central, printable calendar
  • Add searchable directories with real-time information

Student Information Management

  • Track all student information in one place
  • Manage relationships and track emergency contacts
  • Track medical information, including nurse’s office visits, allergies, medications, and immunisations
  • Track disciplinary actions and letters to parents
  • Assign advisors and give them access to appropriate student information
  • Update student records with end-of-year processing
  • Support and manage the different needs and processes of multi-division schools (lower, middle, upper) and house everything in one database

Student and Parent Portal

  • Give students and parents access to real-time information online, such as assignments, daily grades, attendance, report cards, and schedules
  • Keep parents and students informed of important school announcements
  • Allow parents to update their profiles, review their bills, and interact with teachers online
  • Give students the ability to turn in assignments and interact with classmates and teachers online

Faculty and Staff Portal

  • Give teachers 24/7 access to their gradebooks online
  • Allow advisors to view student progress for advisees
  • Allow teachers to take attendance and enter assignments, grades, and skill assessments
  • Accomodate different teacher grading policies with flexible setup options
  • Run progress reports for students
  • Easily transfer marking column grades into The Education Edge™
  • Implement class/teacher pages that include a digital dropbox for students to turn in assignments


  • Create your school timetable(s) based on your school’s scheduling policies (rotating, block periods, multi-day cycles, etc.)
  • Manage teacher and room resources
  • Accept student course requests online with approval process built-in
  • Automatically create and schedule classes based on course requests and resource restraints
  • Select/create scheduling rules to accommodate your school
  • Automatically generate student schedules based on your specific parameters
  • Easily modify or update student schedules
  • Easily prepare for and schedule students for the next academic year


  • Take attendance by day or class
  • Give teachers the ability to take attendance online during their classes or homeroom
  • Track tardies and calculate into absences based on your school’s policies
  • Easily analyse and indentify student attendance problems with attendance reports


  • Set up grading scales and grade calculations based on your school’s specific parameters
  • Use traditional grading methods and/or skill-based grading
  • Enter grade comments
  • Use multiple GPA calculations
  • Create honor rolls and class ranks
  • Easily create report cards and transcripts that include your school’s logo, format, and style

Student Billing

  • Assign specific fees and charges individually, based on parental requests and financial need
  • Accommodate payment plans and financial aid for each family
  • Support tuition refund plans
  • Distribute responsibility for charges among multiple records
  • Bill for advance deposits and manage enrollment fees
  • Get flexible statements that support your billing process (can send one bill per family)
  • Easily customise calculations and presentation of dunning, finance, and late charges based on your school’s policies
  • Interface with leading tuition billing services

Advancement/Fundraising/Alumni Management

  • Manage all donor, alumni, and supporter information
  • Take advantage of complete campaign management and analysis tools
  • Track all types of fundraising efforts, from pledges to major and planned gifts
  • Analyse annual fund performance and participation rates
  • Accept online donations and event registrations
  • Appoint class agents and give them access to manage web pages and more to encourage participation from their peers
  • Target and identify your best potential alumni supporters
  • Keep your records up-to-date with data enrichment services
  • Implement class year tracking and reporting tools


  • Get flexible and easy-to-customise reports for all offices
  • Quickly access information with user-defined dashboards
  • Export data to easily create custom reports


  • Keep all records up-to-date across institutional offices with a single point of data entry
  • Integrate data between online and offline information and transactions
  • Seamlessly integrate with third party solutions


  • Interact with peers using online tools, such as searchable directories, class notes, blogs, discussion boards, and email forwarding
  • Use online marketing tools, including email and eNewsletters
  • Manage supporter and alumni online profiles


“The solution is very flexible and very easy to use. We can collect any data we want. It isn’t restricted to data in the database. We can put what information we want in the database and use the other information however we see fit. This makes it much easier for us to meet the needs of our parents and students.”

- Norm Dunkin, Registrar and Database Administrator, Landmark Christian School


“The impact Blackbaud products have had on the school’s operations, community cultivation, marketing, and admissions has been monumental. Technology is a key component in who we are and Blackbaud’s products give us the ability to live this, both internally and externally. Our motto is ‘seek to serve.’ Blackbaud helps us serve our constituents and customers better than any other vendor.”

– Doreen Meeks-Hewes, Controller, John Paul II High School


Blackbaud Total School Solution at a Glance:

Engaging Website Design

A compelling website design that attracts prospective students, informs current families, and engages alumni.

We provide custom websites that capture your school’s unique identity, set you apart from the competition, and offer a personalised experience for each of your site visitors.


Admissions Office

The student’s journey to discovery begins here. Rely on our tools to make the process easy, accurate and efficient! Easily identify your best prospects, how many open seats you have, process online applications and the next steps to move applicants through the process. Our reporting and dashboards will put the information you need at your fingertips.


Easily Manage the Student Experience

Teachers, administrators and staff want to focus on student education, that’s possible when you let Blackbaud manage the data. The Education Edge makes managing biological information, tracking grades & assignments, taking attendance and communicating progress to parents simple, efficient, and easy.


Effective Alumni Management

We understand that most of your school’s income comes from fees and tuition. But there’s still an opportunity to increase your participation from existing alumni and to improve your engagement process with new alumni so you can develop them over the years. With Blackbaud, you can leverage both online and offline vehicles for giving and ultimately increase their levels of participation.


Business Office Solution

Better information leads to better financial decisions. Blackbaud puts real-time information at your fingertips and allows you to analyse the financial health of your school. The added benefit of Student Billing enables efficient and cost-effective management of the billing process.



Serving the non-profit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 35 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organisations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 35,000 customers, including non-profits, schools and higher education institutions, healthcare organisations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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