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Strategic Services

You’ve invested in the technology to take your organisation to the next level, but that’s not the end of the story. To realise the full potential of your solution and ensure it grows with you, it’s critical to focus on optimising your operational effectiveness while growing your capabilities. We can help you accomplish these goals in a variety of ways.

Strategy Development

Defining your goals is one thing, working out how to achieve them is the hard bit. Our team of consultants in BlackbaudOne have been there and done it. They are on hand to help you clearly define your strategic goals and develop the strategy and plans to help you achieve those goals.

The key areas in which we have expertise and can assist you are:

  • Fundraising Strategy: A clear fundraising strategy helps to bring focus and direction to achieving your fundraising goals.
  • Fundraising Operating Plan: The translation of your fundraising strategy into a practical 3-5 year plan.
  • Digital Strategy: What is the real purpose and value of your facebook page?  Who is the audience for your website? Be sure to develop the strategic context to your web-based initiatives.
  • CRM Strategy: If you have a CRM database, but don’t have a CRM strategy, then you will not be gaining the full benefits of the system, or, indeed, providing your supporters with the level of service they expect.
  • Knowledge Management Strategy: Critical for the efficient running of an organisation and yet most organisations don’t have one.


System Health Checks

Competitive pressure and market conditions are driving organisations to improve all aspects of their business processes. Every organisation should be constantly seeking to improve - whether it be to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve customer service or increase fundraising income. Now more than ever the effectiveness and efficiency of your fundraising programmes are critical.

Our team take a holistic view of your current goals, organisation setup and how you are using your current fundraising tools – The Raiser’s Edge, NetCommunity or Blackbaud CRM - we interview key users to produce a set of recommendations and a customised action plan designed to help you achieve more with the existing resources you have.

The Health Checks benefit clients who recognise the need to improve the way their organisation conducts its business, but are unsure how to get started. The process provides you with an external set of eyes who have knowledge of industry best practice and how to utilise your Blackbaud products to maximise their potential benefits.

We have unparalleled experience to help determine the current “health and well-being” of your organisation and will recommend only the most appropriate actions to help you improve your:

  • Configuration and Setup
  • Business Processes (based on your needs and industry best practice)
  • Data Quality
  • Gift Aid Retrieval rates
  • Reporting


Business Improvement

We want to make sure your processes and technology remain in sync and optimised to produce the best results. We work directly with your team to understand not only what your organisational needs are today, but where you’re going and how to meet your future goals. Our consultants use your goals as their guide. Here are just a few examples:

  • Restructuring your operations: Our consultants help make sure that you are incorporating industry best practices while staying true to your organisation’s culture and designing processes that work best for you.
  • Efficiency: Maximising your people, processes and technology allows your organisation to accomplish even more. Our consultants help you combine technology with the right best practices to achieve greater results.
  • Implementing Programme Areas: Over time, additional programs may become critical to supporting your long term organisational strategy, but how to implement these programs may seem overwhelming. We can support your efforts by working with you to provide best practice recommendations and implementation support.
  • Planning for the future: Our consultants not only make sure your organisation will run smoothly today, they help you ensure you’re set up for success tomorrow as well. Whether your future plans include a capital or comprehensive campaign, enhanced online presence, or complex reporting or business intelligence, our consultants can advise you on how to get there.



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