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Blackbaud Gift Aid Services

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Tens of thousands of charities in the UK have implemented Gift Aid programmes as a means of increasing their overall funding. Yet many struggle to effectively manage the declarations required to receive Gift Aid funding, and they understandably have real concerns about their readiness to undergo an HMRC audit.

At Blackbaud we are committed to helping charities in the UK gain as much Gift Aid income as possible, and have developed three unique services (outlined below) to ensure you are maximising your income from the HMRC.

We have also developed a report (Gift Aid Pulse Check) to help give you a quick indication of your Gift Aid retrieval performance – speak to your Account Manager today about a free Gift Aid Pulse Check.

You can find out more about by quickly watching a short 2 minute video. Click below to watch.


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Gift Aid Management

Blackbaud has worked with several leading not-for-profit organisations in the UK and collaborated with the HMRC to develop a unique service developed specifically to meet the needs of not-for-profit organisations in the UK. The Gift Aid Management team at Blackbaud will:

  • Check declarations (including sponsorship forms) for validity and those that do not meet rules are flagged for follow-up
  • Produce a Monthly Report with comparisons across your supporter base
  • Scan declarations and electronically link them to supporter records in your database allowing you quick access from within a record

This complete solution enables charities to easily capture, store, and manage the myriads of forms that are used to substantiate donors’ Gift Aid declarations. It eliminates the risk of lost or damaged forms, reduces the hassle associated with storage and retrieval of these documents, and simplifies the task of preparing for an audit.

With Blackbaud Gift Aid Management, your organisation can:

  • Maintain proper documentation to support claims and easily produce valid declarations required for an audit.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that you have protected all the Gift Aid income received over the years and have absolute minimum exposure with HMRC for repayments or penalties.
  • Uncover missed opportunities by targeting additional Gift Aid money from your supporter database and other fundraising activities.
  • Take advantage of unclaimed Gift Aid income in sponsorship forms without having to enter all sponsor information within The Raiser’s Edge.
  • Save valuable staff time by outsourcing labour-intensive tasks, such as scanning, filing, indexing, storing, and managing documents.


Gift Aid Training

The Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud CRM databases have been designed with HMRC rules in mind to enable you to record Gift Aid declarations on supporter records and produce the required R.68 reports at the click of a button.

This half day training course will enable your users to be able to:

  • Configure your database with organisation specific business rules
  • Report on Income with or without Gift Aid applied
  • Produce the R.68 report quickly and easily


Gift Aid Health Check

The HMRC rules on Gift Aid can often seem daunting and organisations will err on the side of caution to ensure they do not contravene the rules and fall foul in an HMRC audit. This means that organisations are often missing out on additional 25% on donations received simply because they are unsure what they can and cannot claim Gift Aid on.

We have an expert consultant whos passion it is to understand the HMRC Gift Aid rules and regulations and work with organisations to identify areas where they are not currently maximising Gift Aid income.

The Gift Aid Health Check will:

  • Provide a full report on your current fundraising activities in relation to Gift Aid rules
  • Highlight areas of non-compliance and/or opportunities to increase Gift Aid claims
  • Present a list of recommendations and follow-up support than can be provided
  • Provide expert advice on how best to implement, manage, and leverage Gift Aid programmes that will bring in needed funds and benefit your organisation

In the majority of cases the cost of the Health Check will be offset many times over by the ‘missing’ income identified by the consultant. It’s perfect for organisations that are interested in finding ways to maximise Gift Aid income and would like a full assessment of their fundraising activities in relation to HMRC rules and regulations.



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