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The Raiser's Edge Add-Ons


Importing data made easy.

Process gifts faster and make data processing easy with this flexible import solution. ImportOmatic seamlessly integrates with The Raiser's Edge® so you can:

  • Easily import constituent, gift, and relationship data from external data files
  • Simultaneously process constituent and gift data
  • Quickly eliminate duplicate constituent files

Blackbaud Links

Welcome to the integration app that will change your life!

With Blackbaud Links you can:

  • Download JustGiving gifts to The Raiser’s Edge.
  • Tie each JustGiving fundraising page to individual constituent records within The Raiser’s Edge.
  • Link JustGiving events to The Raiser’s Edge event records or default fields preventing manual entry of custom codes!
  • Set the automation level that suits you, from fully automated to assisted data entry.


Going paperless has never been simpler!

Streamline your documents and business process with PaperSave's document management solutions. You'll find PaperSave lets you manage your process, not your paper.

  • Reduce costs - reduce paper usage
  • More efficient – reduce time spent filing
  • More flexible – mobile document approval
  • More organised – seamless integration with The Raiser's Edge
  • ImportOmatic

  • Blackbaud Links

  • PaperSave

ImportOmatic at a Glance

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Watch Demo Videos

Watch the videos to the right to learn more about how ImportOmatic can have a positive impact on your organisation.

Blackbaud Links at a Glance

You’ll love this it if you do…Events

Why? Saves time

Rather than having to manually enter new JustGiving page sign-ups, Blackbaud Links will directly read from JustGiving’s systems and create new constituents for you. It will match them up to existing records either automatically or under your guidance. Events in JustGiving are also linked to Raiser’s Edge Campaigns, Funds, Appeals and even Event participation. This means that when donations come in from JustGiving pages, they are downloaded straight to the right Raiser’s Edge constituent with all the right codes, including your Soft Credits, Tributes and more.

You’ll love this it if you do…IT

Why? Secure infrastructure

No more having to help download JustGiving reports, or having to help import data! This install guide shows you how easy it is to get set-up and how The Raiser’s Edge communicates with JustGiving simply and securely. No changes are required on The Raiser’s Edge server and an audit trail is maintained for the unlikely event that there are issues.

You’ll love this it if you do…Gift Entry

Why? Increase accuracy

Blackbaud Links includes great tools to ensure that event fundraisers can link Raiser’s Edge constituents and events to the JustGiving data set as well as ensure that gift defaults are set-up per fundraising page. This means that gift data entry is as simple as selecting a date range and committing those gifts to The Raiser’s Edge accurately and quickly. Once Blackbaud Links is place, it will even update your constituents’ contact details.

You won’t have to run a report in JustGiving to use for data entry again!

PaperSave at a Glance

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Watch Demo Video

Watch this video to learn more about how PaperSave can have a positive impact on your organization.

Brochures/Case Studies

Want to read more? Check out our PaperSave brochure: PaperSave - Secure Electronic Filing Solution .

ImportOmatic at a Glance

Resource Center

Watch Demo Video

Watch this video to learn more about how ImportOmatic can have a positive impact on your organization.

Upcoming Webinars

We have several opportunities for you to learn more about this important tool that integrates with your Raiser's Edge software.

Click here to view the schedule and to register.

Brochures/Case Studies

Want to read more? Check out our ImportOmatic case studies:

The Eve Appeal
Children's Health Foundation
The Christie Charitable Fund
College of Charleston


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