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The American University of Paris

The American University of Paris uses The Raiser’s Edge® and Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow™ to enhance alumni relations

The American University of Paris (AUP) is a tuition-based school, and fees are its primary income channel. Its aim is to provide the finest American undergraduate and graduate programmes to students from all national, linguistic and educational backgrounds, and to take its place as a renowned global centre for innovative interdisciplinary research. The University’s ongoing strategy is to build brand, improve reputation and develop fundraising.


  • AUP has an enormous task to stay in contact with its many students once they leave the University as only a tiny percentage of them remain in close proximity.
  • This problem was further compounded by the lack of strategy in place to enable the Development Office to connect, engage and communicate with their friends and alumni.
  • There was also no facility to keep in touch via the University web site, with proactive online activity being limited to Facebook® and LinkedIn®.


  • AUP developed and designed a new web site using Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow, creating content specifically aimed at alumni.
  • An alumni registration facility was at the centre of the plan to ensure activity can be tracked, measure and managed.
  • Integration between The Raiser’s Edge and Blackbaud NetCommunity Grow ensures that all information gleaned from the web site is recorded and used to facilitate future activities and developments.


  • In less than 2 months nearly 10% of alumni were registered and actively using the web site.
  • Email and web site activity can now be monitored extremely closely, with open rates and click throughs measured and acted upon accordingly.
  • The University is now proactive in its approach to students and alumni, targeting final year students to subscribe to the web site, ensuring they can keep in touch with them even after they have left.

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