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Walk the Walk

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Walk the Walk came into being 15 years ago when just 13 women Power Walked the New York City Marathon in their bras to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. What started out as a one-off fundraising event, has blossomed into a thriving multi-million pound charity, raising to date in excess of £82 million for vital breast cancer causes. Today Walk the Walk is a grant-making breast cancer charity which raises the majority of it's funds through it’s own iconic MoonWalk and SunWalk events.


  • Over the last decade, Walk the Walk has sought to transition from more conventional offline fundraising methods to online fundraising.
  • Up until 2009, Walk the Walk had prompted their supporters to use mainly third party sites to build unbranded online fundraising pages for their events.
  • Due to their fundraiser’s rapid adoption of and enthusiasm for online fundraising, Walk the Walk needed a solution which would enable them to promote the work of the charity to a wider audience and would make fundraising even easier for their supporters.


  • Using Heroix meant Walk the Walk could develop its own fully-branded and customisable online fundraising system that enabled supporters to build beautiful charity-branded Walk the Walk fundraising pages with integrated social media share functionality.
  • With charity-branded fundraising pages raising on average £22 more than generic fundraising pages*, the Everyday Hero platform offered Walk the Walk the opportunity to increase engagement with their supporters by keeping the charity’s brand front and centre.

*Moonwalk London, 2011 - Walk The Walk


  • In 2010, Walk the Walk partnered with Everyday Hero and proceeded to transition its online fundraising to Heroix.
  • In the first 12 months by simply integrating registration and fundraising components over 50% of Walk the Walk’s online supporters began using the new system, raising more than £3.5million.
  • In 2011, the charity leveraged its brand and increased promotion through multiple online channels including blogs, Facebook, Twitter and its charity website to raise awareness of its cause and to encourage registration and fundraising for Walk the Walk.
  • Since partnering with Everyday Hero, Walk the Walk have consistently found that 92% of its fundraisers choose to use it to build an online fundraising page in preference to third party sites.
  • In 2011, Walk the Walk saw a significant increase in their online fundraising, with their fundraising total for the year exceeding £4 million.

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