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National Museums Liverpool

The Raiser’s Edge® Enables National Museums Liverpool to Consolidate Contacts, Save Money and Increase Efficiency

Originally founded in 1851, National Museums Liverpool (NML) now encompasses eight different venues. NML holds in trust multi-disciplinary collections of more than one million objects and works of art, and is the only English national museum based entirely outside of London. Their mission is to promote the public enjoyment and understanding of art, history and science.


  • NML had purchased The Raiser’s Edge after years of using MS AccessTM databases and similar software systems.
  • Staff used The Raiser’s Edge to store fundraising information, but no-one had enough experience to fully utilise the system to its maximum potential, therefore continued to rely heavily on their old systems.
  • Demands increased and staff began to encounter difficulties with managing contacts and communications through the old databases.
  • Manual and repetitive tasks were being carried out unnecessarily and the possibility of duplicate mailings was always present.


  • Senior management took the decision to address the issues and implement a solution that could consolidate contacts and be used centrally between all of their venues as well as monitoring and managing all communications.
  • It was decided that The Raiser’s Edge fitted with their requirements and should therefore be utilised to its full capacity. In addition a database manager would be recruited to create and implement a new strategy moving forward.
  • Further modules were also implemented and additional customisations made to create a central database that all departments could use.


  • Marketing, learning and development databases all sit together in one system, which has enabled the creation of a multi-site organisation with everyone having a 360o view of supporters from one centralised database.
  • In-house trainers ensure all staff use the functionality correctly, therefore eradicating duplication and ensuring the system is used to its full potential.
  • Over a period of 8 years, supporter numbers on the system have grown from just 4,000 to over 45,000, yet NML has only had to take on just one extra member of staff during that period.
  • NML has also taken advantage of Blackbaud’s MailWiseTM service to correct and standardise mailing addresses in line with The Royal Mail Postcode Address File, saving them nearly £2000 in just one year.

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