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Nightingale House Hospice

Boosts Online Fundraising by Over 400% using Heroix

Nightingale House Hospice provides specialist palliative care services, completely free of charge, to patients and their families across a wide area in North Wales. Services include a 16-bed inpatient ward, a 15-patient day-care unit, an outpatient clinic, as well as specialist units and therapies and an ambulance service. The Hospice engages in an intensive fundraising programme to ensure resources are available to provide these valuable services to the local community. Activities include sponsored events, third party sporting events, hospice campaigns and corporate events.


  • Staff at Nightingale House Hospice had worked hard to increase their online presence through online fundraising but wanted branded pages that connected to their website.
  • They wanted an online fundraising process which they could manage and control themselves in order to make it as easy as possible for people to donate online.
  • They also recognised a need to gain more control over campaign reporting.


  • After researching the market, Nightingale House Hospice came across Heriox, Blackbaud’s award-winning online, peer-to-peer fundraising solution, being show-cased at a local hospices conference.
  • They selected Heroix because it offered everything that all of the other online fundraising sites offered with the additional option to brand fundraising pages and control the supporter journey.
  • They also found Heroix to be extremely cost effective and how it would be able to address the problems that the hospice had previously been experiencing.


  • Nightingale House Hospice has been using Heroix for over 2 years now on all fundraising campaigns, tribute funds and corporate events, and has already seen some very impressive results.
  • Funds raised in 2011 increased by 402% through using Heroix to power their Hospice Heroes Campaign.
  • Hospice staff commented that it is so easy to get supporters to use Heroix and staff can control all aspects of supporters’ online experience on their own hospice branded site.
  • Heroix has increased the percentage of funds raised prior to an event – for the Midnight Walk event in 2010 £300 was raised prior to the event but for the same event in 2011 £13,000 was raised before the event.
  • Nightingale House Hospice uses Heroix to take sponsorships and donations online which considerably cuts down on the amount of admin, paperwork and hours spent chasing for promised donations as they’ve already been received.

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