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Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

The Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland uses Blackbaud NetCommunity® to Develop their Online Fundraising and Communications Strategy

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland was formed a century ago to help in the fight against tuberculosis. That fight was won, but today the battle goes on against ailments which continue to blight the wellbeing of the nation, such as coronary heart disease, stroke and chest illnesses of various kinds.


  • Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland’s data was ‘all over the place’ and they really couldn’t see how to bring it all together.
  • Staff could see where and when people were donating, but they couldn’t tell if that same person was taking part in any events or sponsoring others who did.
  • The charity’s most immediate goals were to take online donations and accept registrations for events online as well as having email marketing capability.


  • After researching the market, Blackbaud NetCommunity was found to meet all of the charity’s requirements.
  • As an existing user of The Raiser’s Edge, installation of Blackbaud NetCommunity was made even easier, with full integration between the two systems.
  • Blackbaud NetCommunity provides a seamless, integrated branding throughout the online registration and payment process.


  • Blackbaud NetCommunity has been an extremely worthwhile investment for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, with the first event managed through the software attracting over 60% of registrations online.
  • Blackbaud NetCommunity allows the charity to take registrations for events, even when the office is closed, resulting in potential increases in funds raised.
  • Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland now has one company providing them with one complete solution to ensure they have a full overview of supporters and their activities.

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