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CCHF All About Kids exists to give severely disadvantaged children and young people a range of residential activity, respite breaks and ongoing support to help improve the quality of their lives, recognise their potential and achieve their goals in the safest possible environment. CCHF All About Kids’ aim is to build strong relationships with the children so that reoccurring visits are frequent and they can help them escape the traumas of their everyday life.


  • CCHF All About Kids’ Fundraising and Children’s Services Departments often work in unison, however had disparate database systems.
  • The Fundraising Department used The Raiser’s Edge, but not to its full potential, and the Children’s Services team worked on a bespoke database.
  • Using two different database systems caused many problems for CCHF because data was stored in separate databases and neither department had access to both.
  • Problems also arose each time something went wrong with the bespoke database, because the only person who could fix it was the individual who had designed it.


  • Following a review of working practices, it quickly became clear that the best route forward would be to invest in one single fundraising solution.
  • The decision was taken to implement The Raiser’s Edge throughout the organisation due to its superior functionality and the familiarity of the system that already existed within the Fundraising Department.


  • Having the whole organisation on one database has facilitated and improved communication throughout the teams, and many everyday tasks are now carried out considerably quicker.
  • Business processes at CCHF All About Kids have been streamlined, with data on each child no longer being fragmented and disorganised. Volunteers dealing with the children have relevant data available to them from just one short database query.
  • All history and behaviour of a child is tracked and monitored to ensure the best possible service can be provided and stronger relationships with the children can be built.
  • Volunteers now have less administrative work and therefore more time to focus on the children.

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