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Fundraising and Not-for-Profit Marketing White Papers

  • Top Trends in Technology
    This paper looks at how technology can play a key role in efforts to enhance, optimise, or reengineer processes and operations for not-for-profit organisations.
  • Set Your Data Free
    This is a practical guide for auditing your data accessibility status, building data accessibility into your information architecture, and preparing your organisation to get the most from its most critical asset: data.
  • Rent or Buy: Why Not-for-Profits Need Software as a Service
    This paper explores the differences between software as a service and traditional customer/server technology — and the benefits that not-for-profit organisations can reap by taking advantage of the “pay as you go” SaaS model.
  • Protecting Your Supporters’ Personal Information
    This paper discusses how a privacy policy that is communicated at all levels, can help your organisation avoid situations where information is shared and supporter privacy is violated.
  • Before You Leap: What Nonprofits Should Look for in a SaaS Provider
    This paper identifies the foundational selection criteria for not-for-profits to consider when choosing their SaaS partners.
  • The Evolution to SaaS 2.0: Not-for-Profit Impact Report
    This paper explores the future evolution of software as a service, including the changing drivers prompting the buying decision and the requirements SaaS vendors will need to meet to make a successful transition.
  • Raising Money During Challenging Times
    This paper discusses the effects the recession may have on the not-for-profit community, and, most importantly, suggests strategies for continuing fundraising success in these times.
  • Taking Control of Your Annual Fund
    Done correctly, a great annual fund can improve your annual fundraising results, create loyal donors, and identify those people who are most likely to become your best planned giving and major gift prospects.
  • Maximising Marketing to Advance Your School's Mission
    This white paper oulines how integrating departmental functions and fostering internal collaborations can help advance your school's mission.
  • RFM: A Formula for Greater Direct Mail Success
    By ranking the recency, frequency, and monetary returns your solicitations bring, you can increase your gifts while reducing your costs.
  • Jump-Start Your Matching Gift Program
    How to acquire the data, the systems, and the donor cooperation you need to generate more gifts.
  • Embracing Technology for Moves Management® Success
    Every not-for-profit wants to turn prospects into donors — some are better at it than others. What makes the difference? Moves Management.
  • How To Launch a Direct Mail Program
    This white paper explores how to conduct a feasibility study for an organisation’s viability for a direct marketing program, launch a successful direct marketing program, and avoid competing with the major gifts program.
  • All About Lists
    This white paper will explore how to identify the best lists for your program, the process for securing list owner approvals, working with a list broker, common list terms, and more.
  • Why You Need Gift Acceptance Policies
    A wellcrafted policy can help you replace an awkward rejection with a structured discussion and eventual gift that is both meaningful to the donor and appropriate to further your mission.
  • Ask Your Patients for Money? You Bet!
    Every not-for-profit organisation should invest in building its donor file, and healthcare organisations are no exception because the principal source of new donors for any healthcare organisation is its patient database.
  • Ask Your Employees for Money? You Bet!
    Employee donor engagement is just as important as volunteer donor engagement because employees are often your organisation’s best ambassadors — and their support helps foster the support of prospects and donors.
  • Optional Modules for The Raiser's Edge
    This document describes optional modules to customise your Raiser's Edge.


Internet Fundraising and ePhilanthropy White Papers


Financial Management White Papers


Prospect Research White Papers


Business Intelligence White Papers

  • Business Intelligence for Not-for-Profits
    Not-for-Profit Intelligence™ delivers the sophisticated analysis and insight not-for-profit professionals need to make sound business decisions and demonstrate the value of their services to donors.

Not-for-Profit Management White Papers

Product-specific White Papers


  • A Total Communication System
    A true Web-based solution, or software as a service, provides the ultimate benefit of total adoption and usage.
  • eTapestry Application Security
    eTapestry understands the importance of security and the responsibility that comes with hosting an organisation’s data.
  • eTapestry Executive Summary
    In a very short time, eTapestry has become the leading provider of web-based fundraising software with users accessing their data from all over the world.
  • eTapestry Technology Overview
    The eTapestry application represents the latest in Internet, database, and programming technology.
  • Online Event Registration
    By utilising their websites to promote and register event attendees, not-for-profit organisations can expand their reach, simplify their work, and save time.
  • eTapestry for Organisations with Fewer than 500 Records
    eTapestry is tailored to fit the budget of any size or type of not-for-profit organisation. Our goal at eTapestry is to give every not-for-profit organisation the opportunity to use the latest and most efficient tools for raising funds. If you’re a small organisation with fewer than 500 records, you can even receive eTapestry at no cost!
  • eTapestry and VolunteerHub Integration
    eTapestry now integrates with VolunteerHub, the industry's leading volunteer management software so you can simultaneously improve volunteer and fundraising management.

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