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New Funds Secured (Ross-CASE) Plugin

The Blackbaud New Funds Secured (Ross-CASE) Plugin will help you to calculate and export new funds secured over any given duration, including the pledged value of future instalments.

Key benefits of the Blackbaud plugin include:

  • Simplifying and speeding up the process of calculating new funds secured totals for exports
  • Minimising the risk of error by removing a number of manual steps
  • Making it easier to standardise calculations within or across institutions when desired

Read our Datasheet and User Guide to learn more.


CASE Volunteering Metrics

Higher Education institutions want to understand how different volunteering inputs and activities impact outcomes around recruitment, employability, governance, fundraising, reputation, service delivery, social inclusion and more.

In partnership with CASE Europe, a number of UK universities have begun to develop a consistent approach for tracking and benchmarking key volunteering metrics, and this guide sets out how your Blackbaud solution can help facilitate tracking this data most effectively.


eBook: Empowering The Crowd

In this free eBook, you'll discover how to:

  • Make social fundraising work for your educational institution
  • Engage a larger group of supporters using the online word-of-mouth revolution
  • Position online and peer-to-peer fundraising in your advancement programme


GIFTS Online Student Funding

Is managing your student funding a challenging and cumbersome process? Whether you’re using a paper process that requires considerable manual work and data entry, or a thirdparty software solution that involves moving information back and forth, there’s a better way.

  • Say goodbye to manual data entry and paper processes
  • Connecting with your applicants has never been easier
  • Excellent reporting for which GIFTS Online is known
  • One place for all your scholarship and grants information

Read our Datasheet to learn more.




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