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Data Enrichment Services

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With better data comes better relationships

With the help of our partner, CCR Data Ltd, we are able to make the process of managing your data even easier and what’s more it only takes one click.

Our Data Enrichment Services allow you to  keep your data as clean as possible, so your fundraising efforts aren’t hampered by old addresses, bad phone numbers and missing donor information. The last thing you want to do is waste time and money on efforts that lead to dead ends because you have bad information.

Data Enrichment Services at a Glance:

Address Validation

How many new addresses are being added to your database daily? Avoid frustration and save time with AddressAccelerator. Integrated into The Raiser’s Edge, AddressAccelerator can check the accuracy and validity of addresses as they are being entered, and also print required Mailsort documentation for your mailings, saving you money at the post office.

Deceased Suppression

Trying to communicate with a supporter of potential new donor that has passed away can easily undermine your reputation. Our screening services includes Mortascreen a file against which we suppress your data for deceased people.

Gone Away Suppression

3.2 million people move every year. Using both public and private data sources, the Gone-Away file is a compiled list of individuals at addresses they are known to have moved from. In each case, each move-out is qualified by a move-in to ensure accuracy.

Movers Address Update

With more than seven million Britons moving each year, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date mailing list is increasingly difficult. Inaccurate contact information can cost your organisation considerably through wasted postage, returned mail and
re-mailings, and valuable staff time updating your database manually. Blackbaud's NCOA service will help you keep up with these changes by providing the most current address information on your donors and prospects. You will see immediate results with timely direct mail delivery and less returned mail.

Postcode Address File (PAF)

The Postcode Address File is a complete database of every address in the UK to which mail is delivered, together with its appropriate postcode. By verifying your address file against the PAF database you can ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your mailshots and communications.

Email Append

Email marketing campaigns are an effective marketing tool but they will only be as effective as your data will allow. Email Append offers a simple, cost effective way of adding email addresses to individuals on your database.

Social Score

The Social Score service appends social media data to your donor/alumni records and then assigns a score to each person to describe their level of social influence and reach online. Think of it as a way to measure a donor/alumni's connectivity with others through their social networks.

Date of Birth Append

Our services includes date of birth - by appending information of this nature to your database it can help enhance your fundraising strategies, especially legacy giving.

Electoral Roll

Using Postcode Address File (PAF) and Electoral Roll in combination confirms the presence of an individual at a specific address. The Electoral Roll contains names of individuals who have registered to vote and agree for their names to be used for marketing and verification purposes.


Deduplication is a key step in completing an effective data cleansing project. Deduplication allows you to identify and group customers that exist in the same dwelling to remove those with multiple entries, create a single customer view by merging data as well as identifying returning customers.

Telephone Number Append

The telephone is widely renowned as one of the most effective communication mediums, and is vital to nurturing effective relationships. Telephone number appending quite simply adds a telephone number to a name and postal address. This service finds the correct landline and mobile telephone number for your customers, giving you the power to improve your data, leads and return on investment.


Wouldn’t it be incredible if we had access to each of our prospects lifestyle and consumer behaviour? Well, MOSAIC allows us to do just that. Using specifically targeted demographic data, you can analyse consumer behaviour, understand potential risk and identify investment opportunities. It is possible to spend hours, weeks or even months building your own data profiling solution based on variables available however by using MOSAIC enables you to access a tried and tested solution.

Wealth Profiling

Identify wealthy customers and prospects using wealth profiling. Over 250,000 of the wealthiest people in the UK could be at your fingertips. Use the wealth screening service to tag records who are liquid asset millionaires.


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