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Hamilton Community Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation, in Hamilton, Ohio, has been using a paper-based scholarship program since its first award in 1954. As the Foundation and the community it served grew, so did the problems associated with paper applications. The paper process shortcomings really came to light on application deadline dates. High school students were often unable to get their applications into the office on time. In some cases, school counselors ran into the foundation office at the closing hour to ensure that their students’ applications were received.

“AcademicWorks is easy to work with and very thorough as they helped us move from paper to online,” said Braswell. “It was important to fully complete the worksheets provided by AcademicWorks during the implementation process,” continued Braswell. “The details they ask for were very helpful in the migration process.” “Students now go to one website to apply for all scholarships,” said Braswell. The applicant selects whether they are a high school senior, current college student, or non-traditional student. This selection prompts additional relevant application questions. The system automatically matches them to all the scholarships for which they qualify.


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