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St. Rocco’s Hospice

Uses Blackbaud everydayhero to Expand Fundraising Capabilities

St. Rocco’s Hospice has been established in Warrington for 28 years and provides specialist care for patients with cancer and other life limiting illnesses. The Hospice aims to help patients have the best quality of life by providing care and support in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The Hospice undertakes many activities each year to raise funds which will ensure their vital work can continue. Some of these activities are events such as a Ladies Lunch, Light Up A Life, Dragon Boat Event and The Starlight Walk.


With so many events being run by the Hospice, staff had decided to take advantage of online fundraising pages in order to encourage as many people as possible to sponsor and donate. The Hospice had been using a third party provider for this, but were finding more and more limitations to reporting and managing this functionality.

Shirley Dunning, Fundraising Administrator at St. Rocco’s Hospice explained, “Online fundraising pages are a great way to encourage participants in our events to raise as much money as possible. However, the reporting functionality from our third party provider meant it wasn’t always easy to get the information that we needed. We also couldn’t brand the fundraising pages as our own, which we felt confused people and possibly discouraged them from donating, so we decided to search for alternatives.”


Staff at St. Rocco’s Hospice looked at other similar events that were run by hospices and came across one which used Blackbaud’s online fundraising solution, Blackbaud everydayhero.

“We were really impressed by what we saw,” commented Shirley. “The fundraising page looked as though it was a seamless continuation of the hospice’s own website and was exactly what we were looking for. We decided to investigate further to see if the reporting side of things was just as good, and we weren’t disappointed!”


St. Rocco’s Hospice has been using Blackbaud everydayhero since 2008 and has integrated it with their online event registration system. This means that as people register for an event, they are automatically sent to the Hospice branded fundraising page, encouraging them to sign-up and obtain sponsorships online.

“We are impressed with Blackbaud everydayhero,” commented Shirley. “We are saving time, saving money, and have increased the amount we raised too, it’s just great!”

The reporting side of Blackbaud everydayhero has also exceeded expectations and has been a big hit with staff at the Hospice, helping to save time and provide new insights into event participants and their sponsors.

“Reporting is really straightforward and user friendly,” explained Shirley. “We get an email notification every time someone signs up online and the email itself provides us with all of the information we need. St. Rocco’s Hospice has benefited greatly from Blackbaud everydayhero,” added Shirley.


Serving the non-profit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 35 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organisations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 35,000 customers, including non-profits, schools and higher education institutions, healthcare organisations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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