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Association of International Cancer Research

Uses Blackbaud everydayhero to Stay on the Cutting Edge of Supporter Interaction

The Association for International Cancer Research (AICR) is dedicated to funding cancer research worldwide. In nearly 35 years, AICR has invested over £170 million into some of the world’s most promising and exciting research, an important contribution to the collective force that has increased cancer survival rates by over 40%.

With the understanding that it will take a global perspective to find the scientific answers needed to fight all cancers, AICR is the leading charity funding research into any cancer worldwide. This type of research widens/broadens knowledge and understanding of all types of cancers and will one day lead to better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer, working towards the goal that in the future no life will be cut short through cancer.


Following the launch of AICR’s events portfolio, the charity recognised the requirement to offer their supporters the ability to set up online sponsorship pages. However when they researched the market for solutions, it became clear that the majority would involve staff workloads increasing due to information that would have to be manually transferred to donor records, and there would be no opportunity to brand the fundraising pages as AICR’s own.

David Milton, Head of Fundraising at AICR, explained, “It’s very frustrating when staff time is taken up transporting data from spread-sheets when they could be taking time to build relationships with new and existing supporters. Not to mention the fact that people are giving their hard earned money to AICR, yet they are doing so through a page that has a completely different brand splashed all over it! We just wanted a system that would take care of all of this for us.”


As an existing user of The Raiser’s Edge®, AICR turned to Blackbaud for a solution, and weren’t disappointed with the answer.

“We already have a great relationship with Blackbaud,” commented David. “They suggested we look into everydayhero, their online fundraising solution, and we were really impressed with what it could offer us. Everything made sense and we knew it would help us to develop the best relationship with our supporters.”


AICR has now been using everydayhero for a year, having rolled out several campaigns in a test environment and feedback has been extremely positive.

“Moving ahead as a charity, we want to be thinking and acting much smarter,” explained David. “everydayhero is helping us to do this, and moving forward we know that it will save our staff time because everything is linked with The Raiser’s Edge so will enable automatic updates to each supporter record.”

“This is very important to us,” added David, “because it means that our staff will be able to spend their time doing what they do best – interacting with supporters. This will effectively lead to more money being raised which means more research will be funded!”

“As a charity we need to stay on the cutting edge of interacting with the public. Giving is a very emotional act and we want to be able to communicate as much as possible with our donors at every stage of the process to ensure they know how grateful we are. Heroix allows us to do this, which makes it an invaluable tool for our organisation,” commented David.


Serving the non-profit, charitable giving, and education communities for more than 35 years, Blackbaud (NASDAQ:BLKB) combines technology solutions and expertise to help organisations achieve their missions. Blackbaud works in over 60 countries to support more than 35,000 customers, including non-profits, schools and higher education institutions, healthcare organisations, foundations, and other charitable giving entities, and corporations.

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